Frequently Asked Questions about Tiffany’s Catering:
1.  How long has Tiffany’s Catering been in business?
2.  Where will you travel to?
3.  What is your specialty?
4.  Do you charge a Cake–Cutting fee?
5.  Do you offer a Tasting?
6.  What equipment do you supply for a Buffet?
7.  What is the Service Charge?
8.  Can you do Vegetarian or Organic catering?
9.  Can you sell Beer and Wine for a catered function?
10.  Do you have Bar-Tenders?
11.  What is the charge for staffing?
12.  May I keep the leftovers?
13.  How will the Staff be dressed?
14.  What if unexpected guests arrive?
15.  What is the guaranteed minimum head count?
16.  Can the “Firm Head Count” be changed?
17.  Can you set up the Banquet Hall?
18.  Can you provide table linens and other rentals?
19.  Deposits and terms
20.  What forms of payment do you accept?
21.  Who do you cater for?
1.  How long has Tiffany’s Catering been in business?
Tiffany’s Catering Company has been in business since 1983. We are licensed, fully insured, inspected, and established. ^ Top ^
2.  Where will you travel to?
We do not have a geographical limitation. Although we are in Central New York we have traveled to the Catskills, the Adirondacks, Brooklyn, and Long Island. We frequently go to Watertown, Fort Drum and further North as well as towards Cortland (South). ^ Top ^
3.  What is your specialty?
Our specialty is a consistently high level of personalized professional service. ^ Top ^
4.  Do you charge a Cake–Cutting fee?
At no additional charge, Tiffany’s staff will gladly help cut and plate your cake for you after the initial cut. Also, if there is to be a champagne toast our staff will help pour and pass the toast to you and your guests. ^ Top ^
5.  Do you offer a Tasting?
Tiffany’s does offer tastings. Once a menu has been set and there is a need, a time during normal business hours will be set to have you come for a tasting. ^ Top ^
6.  What equipment do you supply for a Buffet?
When a Buffet menu is ordered we will provide all catering equipment and staff necessary.  There is no additional charge for this. ^ Top ^
7.  What is the Service Charge?
The Service Charge is to cover the added overhead costs involved in serving or delivering a catered event at a site remote from our central commissary and kitchen. It is a mandatory charge that helps cover staff as well as the Party Coordinator who will give your party the individual and personal attention necessary to help make it an absolute success. ^ Top ^
8.  Can you do Vegetarian or Organic catering?
Yes, we have been doing Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and organic catering for many years. ^ Top ^
9.  Can you sell Beer and Wine for a catered function?
We are licensed and insured for Beer and Wine. ^ Top ^
10.  Do you have Bar-Tenders?
Tiffany’s Catering will schedule bartenders to staff the bar. The standard is one bar tender for seventy five guests. This position will be charged $20 an hour per bartender. The bartenders time includes travel, set up, serving, tear down and clean up. Most events that are serving alcoholic beverages require a trained professional bartender. This policy promotes the likelihood of responsible drinking. ^ Top ^
11.  What is the charge for staffing?
Staffing is included in all our buffet, outdoor, and station menus. If you are looking to just hire staff that charge is $20 per hour (billing inclues travel). ^ Top ^
12.  May I keep the leftovers?
The Health department does not recommend that. However, we will be happy to package up cooked foods for a member of your party to take with them, as long as it is understood that Tiffany’s responsibility for the food has ended. ^ Top ^
13.  How will the Staff be dressed?
The standard uniform for a formal function is black pants (or skirt) and white button down shirt finished with a bow tie and vest (if appropriate). The standard uniform for a casual event is black pants, maroon golf shirt, maroon apron and maroon hat. Chefs usually wear chef pants, chef coats and hat. ^ Top ^
14.  What if unexpected guests arrive?
It is Tiffany’s Catering’s practice to prepare enough food so that any of your guests can go back to the buffet for a second helping. This amount will usually provide for unexpected guests, however, the quantity of food we bring is based upon your firm head count. ^ Top ^
15.  What is the guaranteed minimum head count?
The “Firm Head Count” is the count we use to base the amount of food and china (or disposables) we need to prepare for a function. It is also the count that will be used to finalize the levels of staffing, rentals and prepare the final invoice. We will require the “Firm Head Count” ten days prior to the function. This will ensure that we can arrange staffing and purchase the necessary foods and rentals. ^ Top ^
16.  Can the “Firm Head Count” be changed?
The firm head count can be increased with the approval of the Party Coordinator. Changes to the head count may require the acquisition of additional foods and rentals which may result in an adminitrative charge. ^ Top ^
17.  Can you set up the Banquet Hall?
We can set up the reception and ceremony if needed, although we will need extra staff and time to provide this service. The charge for this service is $2 per guest or a minimum of $100. ^ Top ^
18.  Can you provide table linens and other rentals?
Yes, other rentals include tents, tables, chairs, dance floors, lighting, china, metal ware, glassware, porta potties. See our services page for additional rentals and pricing. ^ Top ^
19.  Deposit and Terms
We require a “Booking Deposit” ususally $500, which is a non-refundable fee for the purpose of reserving the event date on our schedule. By paying the booking deposit, you have reserved our services for your event, which restricts us in booking other events. If you cancel the event the booking deposit fee is non-refundable.
The full “Deposit” is one half of the estimated total of the event. It is due one month prior to the event. This one half includes the amount of the “Booking Deposit”. This deposit is considered earned upon receipt because planning and rental reservations have been made, equipment ordered or pulled, food ordered or prepared, staff have been planned, and the fact that there is a low probability of Tiffany’s being able to book another function should your event be cancelled to recover the lost revenue.The “Balance” is due seven days prior to the function if paying by check or the day of the function, prior to serving, if paying by cash. You may make other arrangements which need to be in writing, with the Party Coordinator’s approval prior to the date of your party. ^ Top ^
20.  What forms of payment do you accept?
       We accept checks, cash and credit cards. We accept all major credit cards for deposit only. ^ Top ^
21.  Who do you cater for?
Tiffany’s catering will gladly cater any event regardless of our customer’s gener, race, religion, sexual orientation, or country of origin. 
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